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At Kubrio, we believe educators who are passionate about making a real impact should launch their own pods. Enjoy the freedom to bring your educational vision to life and use Kubrio`s innovative tools to craft unprecedented learning experiences for your students. Step into the future of education by creating and leading your specialized micro-school within our global network.

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Embrace the shift from legacy teaching practices to the future of education.


Forget one-size-fits-all curriculums! Pods are led by teachers who are deeply passionate about their subjects, their energy and enthusiasm contagious.

AI-Powered Learning

We see AI as a powerful tool to personalize learning and empower teachers. Our platform allows educators to create their own AI tutors or facilitators, further tailoring the learning experience for each student.

Inspire Global Connections

Beyond borders, Pods foster friendships and collaborations across cultures, languages, and time zones.

Support To Get Started

We are here to help you start your pod successfully and delight your families and students.

What Kubrio Offers To Teachers

We offer a platform for teachers to organize, promote, and launch new learning pods.

  • Accelerator Program to help you launch your pod succesfully.
  • A new innovative scalable and sustainble tuition model.
  • Your AI assistant, KAI, that handles the heavy lifting.
  • Create innovative quest-based learning experiences.
  • Always learn & improve with our Delight & Inspire Program.
  • A complete analytics dashboard to manage your pod.
  • Secure global payments, reach learners worldwide.
  • Access to our global network of learners.
  • Connect with visionary educators to inspire and get inspired.
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